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Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Elder Abuse |

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15th

Why would the entire world ever need a day calling attention to elder abuse?  Is the problem that hidden that there are still people who don’t about it and therefore won’t see it coming when it knocks on the door, calls on the phone or sneaks in through a mail delivery or the internet?  Yes, it’s that hidden.  It is a growing problem worldwide and those who have been scammed or defrauded didn’t see it coming.

So what happens when an older adult becomes the victim of a high-dollar scam?

-They lose their savings

-They lose funds necessary for immediate needs such as food and shelter

-They may become depressed or stressed, affecting nutrition, sleep, socialization

-They may lose their home

-They may become dependent on public financial assistance for the rest of their lives

What happens when a scam-educated older adult avoids becoming the victim of a scam?

-They keep their hard-earned savings

-They keep the funds necessary for immediate needs

-They become empowered and are able to refuse the sales pressure, insistent callers and tempting mail and internet offers

What can you do?

On June 15th, take a moment to think about this growing problem.

Awareness is key …