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Posted by on Jun 20, 2018 in Elder Abuse |

United Nations’ Elder Abuse Awareness Day

In the United States it is estimated that elder abuse will affect over 5 million seniors and cost them over $2.6 billion each year. The United Nations defines elder abuse as “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person.” Unfortunately of those 5 million seniors often do not report their abuse due to embarrassment or denial. The United Nations has designated June 15th as Elder Abuse Awareness-Day to raise awareness for the immense scale of this issue and to let seniors know that their abuse should not be a subject of embarrassment.

Some of the most prevalent types of elder abuse we see at Elder Law & Advocacy are scams and financial fraudulent activities. Sadly, scams and their effects are widespread among members of our senior population due to the fact that predators view seniors as vulnerable targets. Scam artists take advantage of lonely, sometimes confused seniors and strip them of hard earned and often very limited assets needed for their retirement and care. If caught or prosecuted, reparations are rare and thus in addition to helping those already affected by scams, we have created educations programs focused on awareness and prevention.

At Elder Law & Advocacy, we seek to protect seniors by providing legal advice and advocacy in order to help seniors defend their legal rights and preserve the respected place they deserve in our community. While the fact that Elder Abuse Awareness-Day is required to exist is dismaying, it only serves to further validate our mission, and inspires us to continue to advocate and raise awareness for seniors who are being abused.

We invite you to donate and lend your support to Elder Law & Advocacy and our efforts to address predatory activities towards seniors. Your financial assistance will have a direct impact on your local community by enabling us to advocate and empower our seniors. We are grateful for your generosity and aid it ending elder abuse.

by Bradley Sendel