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  1. I am thoroughly insensed at all the fuss…..I think the rule in nursing homes is a good one. Most of us(I’m 77) have a DNR in place and DO NOT want to be resusitated. After all, we all must die and isn’t it a lot better to die quickly and with probably no pain or other suffering. Calling the paramedics just means hooking up to painful equipment, I am told, and it is NOT pleasant I am sure…..Please – don’t anybody do CPR on me! This is brutal…..Get real, people. No one can live forever…..The hospice folks give paliative care and do not torture people, I am told. Anne Lind P.S. It’s not a “tragic death”. The woman was 87 years old!

    Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 18:34:06 +0000 To:

    • I would want a qualified person such as a nurse to resuscitate me should such an occasion arise, if, I were ambulatory. If the patient was already bedridden and in pain, particularly with no opportunity to get better, then yes, why prolong the suffering.
      There are so many scenarios, a blanket answer is probably not available. Different situations call for different solutions.
      If I were going to be brain dead or paralyzed, I would welcome death. That is my own solution. I have had a loved one in an assisted living facility and there is no stimulation, very little human contact, and nothing to occupy the mind or fulfill the human need for interaction and love. That doesn’t meet my criteria for living.

  2. Please let me know the name of that nursing facility and any others with the same policy so I can be sure and avoid those.

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