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Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Carolyn Reilly, Elder Abuse |

Scam Alert

Focus on Scam PreventionCRPHOTO

By Carolyn Reilly, Executive Director

Elder Law & Advocacy helps thousands of people each year, but there are more and more people who are falling for scams and fraud and these are folks we

cannot help.  Why?  Because these crooks are rarely identified or located, even by law enforcement.

Please review the flyer below and give some thought to one of the most successful and oldest scams in operation-the fake lottery scam.  If you know someone who may be vulnerable to this kind of manipulation, talk to them about it.  Because when they give their money to these crooks, it’s gone forever.

Things to look for:

  • Withdrawing larger amounts of money than usual and more often than usual
  • Taking out a car registration loan or cash advance loan
  • Receiving more phone calls than usual
  • Acting in a secretive way

SPEAK UP-You may help save someone’s financial future.