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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Elder Abuse, Jaime Levine, Justice Served, Scam Alerts | 0 comments

Scam Alert: “Grandma, I was just in a terrible accident. Send money now! (embedded video)

I received a phone call yesterday from Miami Herald Reporter Anna Edgerton. Ms. Edgerton had come across a scam and was asking if I had any experience with a similar situation. In fact, I have seen variations on this scam numerous times. The basic facts are as follows: An elderly individual receives a phone call from a young man or woman who addresses them as grandma or grandpa and is frantic: “I’m traveling in Canada… I was just in a terrible accident. I need money immediately. Please help me, grandma!” 

When someone receives a call like this from a desperate loved one, the first inclination is to do everything to help. Unfortunately, this is a common scam – and it remains popular because it is so successful.

What can you do to protect yourself? If you receive a call similar to this one, make a few phone calls to family members and verify that your relative is traveling in Canada or wherever else they may claim to be. You certainly want to help family members in need, but taking a few minutes to check the facts may save you from becoming the next victim of this scam.

In the video below, I describe how a recent client was conned into sending money and how we were able to assist her to recover all of the money that she had sent.

In this video: Jaime Levine, Director of Legal Services, Elder Law & Advocacy

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