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Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in Scam Alerts |

Scam Alert


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Police or Fire Department Donation Scam

 The scam:  You receive a convincing call asking for a donation for a police or firefighter association but it doesn’t actually exist.

What to do:  Ask them to give you a website address or the phone number to headquarters so you can check its legitimacy.

Free Lunch Seminar Scam

The scam:  You are invited to a local restaurant for a free meal and advice about maximizing social security but are asked to provide information about your current financial situation or assets.

What to do:  Don’t attend!  Make an appointment with your social security office to get information and to have your questions answered.

Funeral with Extras Scam

The scam:  A grieving widow or widower goes to the funeral home to make arrangements but leaves with a very expensive/over-budget event.

What to do:  Take someone with you who can be your eyes and ears. Take the proposed contract home and review it with someone you trust before signing.

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