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RCFE Administrator Arrested for Elder Abuse

On October 4, 2012, Residential Care For the Elderly Administrator, Alexander S. Pura, was arrested for felony elder abuse against one of the facility’s patients. Alexander, who ran the facility with his father, Raymundo F. Pura, is alleged to have caused the death of Frank Kiser, 85, while he was in the care of Bonair Rest Home (CCL License 374601295) in 2010.

The Declaration in Support of Arrest Warrant describes Kiser’s condition on May 3, 2010 at the time of admission to Tri-city Medical Center’s Emergency Room: “Kiser had 17 decubitus ulcers. They were all over his body: his right mid back, right posterior thigh, right lower lateral thigh, right upper lateral thigh, right inner knee, left outer heel, right heel, left outer foot, left hip, left buttock, sacral, left elbow, right upper buttock, right hip, right coccyx, right lateral ankle and left lateral ankle. Many were Stage 4 and necrotic.” According to state documents, Mr. Kiser died on 1 June 2010.

Shortly after Kiser died, the state licensing board began an investigation into the cause of death. That report concluded that more investigation was needed. After approximately two years of investigation, the California Attorney General’s Office filed a felony criminal complaint against the Alexander and Raymundo. Arrest warrants followed. Alexander Pura posted bail. Raymundo Pura left for the Phillipenes in May 2012 and it is unknown if he has returned. If convicted, the two could face enhanced prison sentences for elder abuse.

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