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Success Stories

Elder Law & Advocacy Makes a Difference…

The attorneys of Elder Law & Advocacy assist many thousands of seniors each year. With nowhere else to turn, seniors get help and peace of mind.  Below are some examples of how we are helping people.

Elder Law & Advocacy Success Stories

Eviction Avoided
A 73 year old renter came to us after having received an eviction notice from his landlord. After doing some research into his situation, the attorney discovered that the client was in a unique situation and was actually protected by federal law. The eviction was dropped when this was brought to the attention of the landlord.

Medicare Issue Resolved
After a client was denied HMO coverage for his $75,000 emergency hospitalization, he visited a HICAP counselor. After our intervention, the HMO was convinced that it would have been dangerous for the patient to be transported to a more distant hospital and the bill was paid.

Contractor Refunds Money For Work Not Done
An 83 year old woman came to see us after she had paid her contractor and he failed to do any work for her. She was reimbursed soon after the attorney sent a demand letter to the contractor outlining the various damages that she might be entitled to if they ended up in court.

Cell Phone Company Stops Harassing Client
This 82 year old client was being billed thousands of dollars for long distance calls he never made. After contacting the company that was attempting the collection, their records were adjusted and our client never heard from them again. 

Client Overcomes Children’s Attempts to Limit Her Spending
Our 86 year old client won the right to move to a more expensive nursing home over the objection of her children. They had previously been preventing her from spending her own money, apparently in order to increase the inheritance that they ultimately would receive.