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Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project (NHREP)

Nursing Home Residents Have An Advocate…

Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project (NHREP)Elder Law & Advocacy’s Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project advocates for patient residents in skilled nursing facilities in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

As the number of people requiring care in nursing home increases, abuse and neglect are becoming more prevalent.

The program provides:

• Early intervention to address serious health-related concerns about care.
• Monitoring of resident health during intervention.
• Ongoing contact with patient residents and their family caregivers to keep them informed and to encourage their participation.
• Litigation services to address the physical, mental, psychological and financial harm suffered as a result of serious nursing home neglect and abuse.

The Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project attorney and staff help the patient resident and their loved ones through a difficult process while protecting and maximizing everyone’s legal interests.

To make an appointment call  Elder Law & Advocacy at (858) 565-1392 and ask for Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project.