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Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP)

Your MEDICARE Questions Answered…

Elderly and disabled residents of San Diego and Imperial counties have a valuable resource when it comes to making decisions about Medicare.

Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP)Elder Law & Advocacy’s HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) program is staffed by trained counselors who can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your healthcare choices.  All HICAP counselors are registered with the California Department of Aging and provide unbiased, impartial information and counseling. We do not sell, endorse, promote or recommend commercial products or services.

Our staff attorney provides representation and counsel and advice, including appeals.  In addition to Medicare, we also provide counseling on:

• Long Term Care Insurance Plans
• Programs to help to pay for premiums, drugs and medical costs
• Choices for Medi-Cal and Medicare dual beneficiaries
• Medicare for those that work beyond age 65
• Retiree medical plan coordination with Medicare
• Appeals and Grievances
• Medicare Fraud Referrals

Counselors are available at many local community senior centers and other sites throughout San Diego County.

To make an appointment call:
San Diego County (858) 565-1392
Imperial County (760) 353-0223