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Just imagine.  You are living with your son – ostensibly your caregiver – but he is not caring for you.  In fact he is threatening you, not feeding you properly, and even acting violently toward you.  You learn that your son had you sign a Quit Claim Deed to your home while you were undergoing chemotherapy and, for that reason, you cannot force him to leave.  Or imagine that you are 86 years old with a new, much younger “friend”, to whom you lend $7,000.  Your “friend” takes the money, agrees to pay it back in four months, and then ends the friendship.  You no longer have a friend or your money.  Or…imagine that you want to move to a better, more expensive nursing facility.  You have the resources, but your children have been pressuring you not to spend your money, because they see it as their future inheritance.  These are all true cases which were ultimately resolved by Elder Law and Advocacy.  There are many more.  Any one of these vulnerable seniors could be someone you know – a parent or relative, a neighbor, a friend.  It is because of these situations that Elder Law & Advocacy exists.


 Won’t you help us to achieve the following in 2015?

  • Provide no-cost legal services and Medicare counseling and appeals to 8,000+ older adults;
  • Present a minimum of 100 informational presentations to seniors and family members/caregivers regarding elder law and Medicare issues at community sites in San Diego and Imperial Counties;
  • Offer services at over 35 community based sites;
  • Offer core services to special populations where they live/meet (e.g. individuals who are unable to drive are helped at their local senior center or nutrition site, bed-bound medically fragile residents are helped at nursing homes);
  • Offer information about programs/events through an up-to-date website, blog, and social media.

Thank you for any help you can give,

Carolyn Reilly

Executive Director

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