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Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Elder Abuse |

New Year’s Message from Carolyn Reilly, Executive Director of Elder Law & Advocacy

Happy New Year! This is a time of looking back for many, but not for Elder Law & Advocacy. There is too much to look forward to; there is work to be done!

This year, Elder Law & Advocacy’s dedicated, highly trained staff and volunteers will help over 3,500 persons who need information or assistance with Medicare-related issues; advise over 4,000 older adults with their legal matters; serve over 300 persons with their nursing home or assisted living concerns; travel to over 30 community-based sites to people nearest to where they live in the community; present information over 200 times to groups of clients, their families, and others.

More than 8,000 individuals will receive services at no cost to them from Elder Law & Advocacy in 2016.

Please visit our website to learn more about this phenomenal 30-year-old nonprofit organization and please consider making a donation to help us continue this vital work.