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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Elder Abuse, Jaime Levine, Scam Alerts | 0 comments

Lottery Scam Alert: Don’t Cash That Check!

If you receive a letter stating that you have won money, be very wary. It is very likely a scam. In this particular case, the recipient was informed that she had won $150,000. Included with the letter (linked below) was a check for almost $4,000. The letter asked that she cash the check and send back $2,000 to cover taxes, after which the $150,000 would be released. This is a scam. If you do cash a fraudulent check like this one, the bank is going to expect you to reimburse them for any funds that they have released to you. If you receive a letter like this and you want reassurance that it is a scam, consult an attorney or law enforcement.

In this video: Jaime Levine, Director of Legal Services, Elder Law & Advocacy

To see the letter that was received, and the check, click here: Scam

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