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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Elder Abuse, Jaime Levine | 0 comments

Neighbor Disputes: Try to Settle Things Amicably

We see many many neighbor disputes in this office. Often those disputes escalate from something relatively trivial, into long-term, vicious battles. More often than not, those long term escalating disputes have more to do with personality differences, than with serious underlying legal problems.

Most people naturally try to maintain good relations with neighbors. Unfortunately, that is not true for everyone. If you do find yourself in a dispute with a neighbor and it seems to be headed in the direction of a battle, rather than in the direction of resolution, it is advisable to speak to someone who has experience with these situations. Often, the involvement of a neutral third party can be useful. Sometimes the issue is communication, and having someone involved who is not emotional and can give parties some perspective on what is at stake, can be valuable.

The bottom line when it comes to neighbor disputes is that you do ultimately want good relations with people you see on a regular basis and who live in close proximity to you.

If you are hiring an attorney to threaten your neighbor, realize that you are escalating the dispute into something that may be difficult to resolve. If you are hiring a lawyer to help figure out the most strategic way to resolve the situation, you probably are going to be considering some kind of mediation.

Not every situation can be resolved amicably. Sometimes a neighbor is not reasonable – or worse. But even in those situations, it is valuable to seek counsel from someone who has experience resolving these kinds of disputes.

If you are involved in a neighbor disputes and qualify for our services, please call our office to speak to one of our attorneys. If you are not in San Diego, please consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction.

In this video: Jaime Levine, Director of Legal Services, Elder Law & Advocacy

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