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Posted by on Dec 26, 2018 in Elder Abuse |

Danger for Homeowners: Door-to-Door Sales

It seems like a good deal – new paint for your home that will give you huge savings on your electric bill; solar panels which are practically free; replacement windows that are as energy efficient as they are beautiful.  Special financing for seniors.  Who could pass it up?

If you fall for it, there is a good chance you could end up with a huge increase on your property tax bill.  That ‘special financing’ gets put on your county property taxes and has administrative costs, fees and interest.  It comes with a big risk if you can’t afford these new assessments on your tax bill.  You could have trouble refinancing or selling your home, and can even face foreclosure.

Most salespeople are good at what they do.  Our capable, careful clients have been duped by door-to-door sales pitches.  If you are asked to initial something or sign a bid, your initials or signature can be used to electronically sign documents you never reviewed, with terms you would never accept.

If you are interested in a home improvement product or service, ask for an estimate and for information on the service and product.  Next, call us – there is no cost to you – and we will review the documents with you.  San Diego 858-565-1392; Imperial County 767-353-0223

Take your time before you sign and have a safe, scam-free New Year.


Carolyn Reilly

Executive Director