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Tony Chicotel: The Inappropriate Use of Chemical Restraints in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are using dangerous drugs “off label” to keep patients and residents docile. The FDA has warned against this but it continues to be a common practice. In some instances, this practice constitutes elder abuse. Attorney Tony Chicotel has been working to end this terrible practice. In this video, he discusses why it is happening, just how widespread it has become, and what we can all do to stop it. Links mentioned in the video: CANHR Campaign to Stop Drugging Toxic Medicine Guidebook Facility-Specific Drugging Data Stop Drugging Our Elders Blog Tony Chicotel on Chemical Restraints in Nursing Homes Posted by Jaime...

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Welcome from the Executive Director

Being witness to the civil rights movements, my passion for providing equal justice for all lead me to proudly take the helm of Elder Law & Advocacy (ELA) in 1999. I was inspired by this agency, which had been providing low-income seniors in San Diego and Imperial counties with legal assistance since 1978. Since that time ELA had grown from a small storefront to an agency with eight core programs serving over 8,000 older individuals annually. I have seen first-hand how a legal trouble can cause immense pressure for those struggling to make ends meet. Nest eggs are ravaged by unscrupulous family members or strangers, the ill become victims of physical abuses, and the maze of public benefits lead some to give up. The stress and cost of solving critical legal issues can be overwhelming and have grave consequences on quality of life and independence.  Fortunately, ELA’s attorneys, volunteers, and I also have the joy of seeing how a simple free counseling session can give a client a sense of hope and renewed security. Today, the need for...

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