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Scam Alert: “Grandma, I was just in a terrible accident. Send money now! (embedded video)

I received a phone call yesterday from Miami Herald Reporter Anna Edgerton. Ms. Edgerton had come across a scam and was asking if I had any experience with a similar situation. In fact, I have seen variations on this scam numerous times. The basic facts are as follows: An elderly individual receives a phone call from a young man or woman who addresses them as grandma or grandpa and is frantic: “I’m traveling in Canada… I was just in a terrible accident. I need money immediately. Please help me, grandma!”  When someone receives a call like this from a desperate loved one, the first inclination is to do everything to help. Unfortunately, this is a common scam – and it remains popular because it is so successful. What can you do to protect yourself? If you receive a call similar to this one, make a few phone calls to family members and verify that your relative is traveling in Canada or wherever else they may claim to be. You...

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Lottery Scam Alert: Don’t Cash That Check!

If you receive a letter stating that you have won money, be very wary. It is very likely a scam. In this particular case, the recipient was informed that she had won $150,000. Included with the letter (linked below) was a check for almost $4,000. The letter asked that she cash the check and send back $2,000 to cover taxes, after which the $150,000 would be released. This is a scam. If you do cash a fraudulent check like this one, the bank is going to expect you to reimburse them for any funds that they have released to you. If you receive a letter like this and you want reassurance that it is a scam, consult an attorney or law enforcement. In this video: Jaime Levine, Director of Legal Services, Elder Law & Advocacy To see the letter that was received, and the check, click...

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Threatening Calls from Unknown Sources: Google the Phone Number (embedded video)

Today I spoke to a client who had received a threatening call from a (617) area code. The client was extremely shaken up by the message that had been left for her. The message alleged that she was the respondent in a lawsuit and had 48 hours to respond. It also stated that a restraining order had been issued as part of the proceeding. The first thing I did was google the phone number that had been left for her. When I did that, the top search results were complaints about threatening phone calls from that number. There are a number of websites in existence where individuals post harassing, threatening and scamming  phone calls that they receive. A number of those sites came up. If the number had been from a legitimate business, the most likely search result would have been the website of that business – or possibly a website describing that business. It is worthwhile to Google a phone number from an unsolicited harassing or threatening phone message. The...

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