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Foreclosure Scams: Beware the Kindness of Strangers

     Foreclosure is one of the most intimidating threats a homeowner might face in his or her lifetime.  Once an individual falls behind on mortgage payments, a river of frightening letters, phone calls and legal notices are unleashed upon the cash-strapped debtor.  These communications portray a sense of great urgency, they might describe impending legal action, acceleration of debts, eviction, an upcoming forced sale of one’s home and the possibility of personal liability for mortgage debts.  Some of these communications, such as notices of default and notices of trustee’s sale, are made public, thereby stoking a sense of embarrassment and isolation in their recipients.  People targeted by such communications are typically already in financial distress and constant threats can push them to sheer desperation.  Isolation, desperation and a sense of urgency set the stage for a parade of characters far more dangerous than the prospect of foreclosure.      “Foreclosure consultants,” “foreclosure prevention specialists,” “foreclosure experts” and a variety of other self-styled titles describe a group of individuals who make...

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On Debt and Bankruptcy

On Debt and Bankruptcy (in a Nutshell) Credit card, medical and other debt causes San Diego seniors no small measure of grief.  If you can’t repay your debt, you simply can’t expect sympathy from creditors. Even if an account is decades old and you’ve essentially paid back the principal debt many times over, creditors do not consider your present hardship.  They will harass, intimidate and take all legal measures to collect your dues.   Fortunately, we are not left to the wolves.  Bankruptcy protection is available to eliminate the debt and the overwhelming stress it causes.  Bankruptcy is almost always the most cost-effective means of canceling your debt. What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a complex but powerful legal mechanism (provided for in the United States Code Title 11) to permanently get rid of debt AND keep your property. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are the primary avenues for the consumer and small business-person to obtain comprehensive freedom from back-breaking debt. What’s the Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter...

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