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About Elder Law & Advocacy in San Diego, CA

Elder Law & Advocacy is a caring group of experienced elder law staff and trained volunteers who serve over 8,000 seniors annually in both San Diego and Imperial Counties.  We provide free and low-cost civil legal services, Medicare and Medicare related counseling and advocacy, referrals to community senior service providers and community education.  The majority of services are offered at no-cost to qualifying seniors.

Our Vision – To enhance the quality of life for persons 60 years of age and older.

Our Mission – Seniors are a growing and vital segment of our community. Elder Law & Advocacy seeks to protect seniors by providing legal advice and advocacy.  We serve seniors by helping them to defend their legal rights and preserve their respected place in the community.

Who We Are

Elder Law & Advocacy is the only legal services and Medicare counseling agency in the Southern California region which devotes all of its resources to helping both rural and urban seniors through a unique community-based delivery system. Elder Law & Advocacy’s attorneys, staff and volunteers travel all over the region to assist seniors, going to senior centers, nutrition sites, senior living complexes, mobile home parks, nursing homes, hospitals, and the residences of ill, homebound individuals. Most program services are provided at no charge to qualifying clients.

State and federal funding is provided through San Diego County’s Aging & Independence Services and Imperial County’s Area Agency on Aging. Additional funding is provided by The State Bar of California, private grants and client donations. To make a tax deductible donation or legacy gift call 858 565-1392 Ext. 205, or mail your donation to Elder Law & Advocacy, 5151 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 110, San Diego, California 92123.

The organization’s Board of Directors includes attorneys as well as persons representative of the client population. The Board meets regularly at the organization’s headquarters and is active in fund-raising and strategic planning, as well as all matters requiring corporate Board oversight and due diligence. To apply for the Board of Directors or to receive information about meetings call 858-565-1392 ext. 205.

Elder Law & Advocacy is staffed by an Executive Director who, as a licensed attorney, also serves as supervising attorney. The organization employs 8 attorneys, and 19 additional employees who provide staff attorneys with clerical and administrative support. Each year, approximately 20-25 law students from local law schools serve as interns and provide invaluable assistance to the attorneys. Elder Law & Advocacy has several regular pro bono attorneys and law firms who assist with complex litigation and other matters. Elder Law & Advocacy’s Medicare counseling program also utilizes 30-40 community volunteers, many of whom have been volunteers at Elder Law & Advocacy for several years. To volunteer for one of Elder Law & Advocacy’s programs call 858 565-1392 ext. 208.

What We Do

Our services are uniquely tailored to the needs of low-to-moderate income and underserved seniors. We are mobile when they are bed bound.  We identify and publicize new threats to their security.  We defend those who are financially, physical, or mentally unable to defend themselves.  We preserve and venerate dignity in old age.  Our programs include:

Senior Citizens Legal Services – legal services for persons ages 60 and over;

Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) – information, counseling, and advocacy for matters involving health insurance, long term care insurance, Medicare, Medicare Part D and HMOs;

Caregiver Legal Support – legal advice and representation for family caregivers of individuals ages 60 and over;

Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project (NHREP) – health monitoring and legal assistance for skilled nursing home residents;

Elder Law & Advocacy also has a Litigation Department which is available to assist a limited number of its legal services clients with litigation matters. There is no charge to clients for these program services, however, donations are encouraged and are necessary to support and enhance the programs on an on-going basis. To schedule an appointment with a staff attorney call 858-565-1392 ext. 229. To schedule an appointment with a Medicare counselor call 858-565-1392.

An important component of every program provided by Elder Law & Advocacy is community education. Members of the staff, as well as informed volunteers from the community, participate in seminars, panels, television and radio shows, health fairs, and other events to bring information to the community. Many presentations are made in senior centers, nutrition sites, senior clubs, and other locations where older individuals congregate. Brochures, educational pamphlets and flyers are distributed to enable the senior community to maintain timely information concerning matters particularly affecting them, with an emphasis on financial elder abuse prevention. To schedule a presentation for your group call: 858 565-1392 x205.