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Elder Law & Advocacy offers free assistance with legal, Medicare, caregiver, long-term care and many other issues.

The organization seeks to help those in greatest need, including those who are isolated, homebound or institutionalized; or unable to travel due to illness or frailty.

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Elder Law & Advocacy relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses, community organizations and charitable foundations to help support free program services for older adults.

A variety of donor opportunities are available.
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Scam Alerts

SCAMS AND FRAUD SCHEMES OPERATING IN OUR COMMUNITIES   [CREATING POVERTY FOR OLDER ADULTS SERIES] When older individuals are scammed out of their savings, retirement and other funds, the logical result is a decrease in money needed to live.  This would be the case for anyone, but for a person who is not able to work anymore, there is no way to make up for what has been lost.  The result is a lower standard of living for some and for others, poverty. Once the money is gone, in many cases, it is very difficult to get it back.  As the old saying goes-‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. CURRENT SCAM-FALSE FAXES AND EERIE EMAILS The problem: You got a fax or an email from someone who needs your help. How did it happen?  Scammers and fraudsters have gotten your fax or email address without your permission! What is the ‘pitch’? In return for a fantastic sum of money, you help out by becoming the ‘middleman’ in an oil deal between foreign companies, or you are identified as a potential heir of someone who has your same last name and died years ago in a foreign county. What’s the catch?   These scammers and fraudsters want to you to respond.  If you do, they will always...

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