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Elder Law & Advocacy offers free assistance with legal, Medicare, caregiver, long-term care and many other issues.

The organization seeks to help those in greatest need, including those who are isolated, homebound or institutionalized; or unable to travel due to illness or frailty.

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Elder Law & Advocacy relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses, community organizations and charitable foundations to help support free program services for older adults.

A variety of donor opportunities are available.
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Executive Director’s Message:

By Carolyn Reilly Would you help an elder who had fallen?  An elder who was having trouble opening a door?  What about an elder who was struggling to carry a package?  I bet you would.  These are very visible signs that a person needs help and it makes it easy to offer that help. But what about more subtle signs that an elder may need help?  What about an elder who used to walk in the neighborhood every day, but ever since that handyman started doing work around the property – no sign of your neighbor?  What about that elderly friend or family member who has many solicitation letters and other bulk mail offers spread out on the kitchen counter and now seems to be low on funds?  An elder who has someone borrowing the car and is now asking for rides? It may be hard to offer help in those situations, but it can be done by starting a friendly conversation and asking if your help is needed.  You can also refer them to Elder Law & Advocacy for confidential, no-cost legal advice and consultation.  Do either or both, but please get involved.  Thank you....

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